Qualification detail:

Have you ever in the past been refused approval from an Awarding Organisation or had Awarding Body service suspended or withdrawn? :
Do you have an existing qualification? If yes please state any current awarding body approved to offer your qualification and the date contract expires :
If Yes, where, is your qualification currently delivered ? :
Please stipulate the level of qualifications you wish TAD to award :
Please stipulate candidate numbers expected for each qualification. Please state projection for next 2 years:
Do you have relevant support for the qualification eg governing body, sector skills etc ? :
Please state the name and number of your single point of contact for the quality assurance and management of the qualification and centre for which approval is sought :

Resourcing and monitoring details:

Do you have access for candidates (in keeping with current legislation) to premises :
Do you have quality systems in place for ensuring consistency of standards and supporting equality of opportunity in assessment eg Quality assurance IV/EV structure ? :
Do you authorise accessibility for Awarding body and regulatory authorities to premises, people and records to cooperate with their monitoring and verification activities ? :